Taking Pause

Dear Daring Readers,

Over the last five years, while I’ve been earnestly “digging deep” to learn more about who I am at my core and, simultaneously, building my personal resilience to shame and  fear, I’ve always had it at the back of my mind that I must be taking this personal journey for a reason: that at some point, all this personal development work and resiliency-building is going to be put to the test.

Well, that time has come. I’m dealing with a huge personal crisis at the moment and am finding myself in multiple “arenas”, having to show up, been seen and live bravely almost every minute of the day. It’s hard. It’s exhausting. And I’m buoyed by all that I have learned about honouring my values, choosing courage over fear and that connection to others truly is the only thing that matters.

I’ve taken a long pause since writing my last blog post. And the pause will continue. For now, my energy must remain in showing up in these arenas until the “show” is over. My intention is to be back writing by the spring or summer. At that time, I hope to earn your readership again.