Walking Bravely and In Great Happiness


As you may know, I declared this My Year of Creative Living. So far, I’ve taught myself to play the ukulele; took a tap dance class; spent a weekend dabbling in abstract painting; and, participated in a three-week blogging course.

What I’ve learned so far from these activities: creativity is the core of feeling really alive. I’m never so giddy, conflicted, anxious, thrilled or joyful than when I’m in creative mode. It’s a definite high, folks… I highly recommend it.

My current endeavour is… writing a book (ahh!). I’ve hired an amazing writing coach to guide me through this process and keep me accountable to the task (which is worth its weight in gold), and I feel like I’m diving into my most personal, meaningful creative pursuit yet. Its exhilarating and terrifying at once, which is the very definition of entering “the arena” of vulnerability, as Brené Brown calls it.

I was listening to Deepak Chopra and Oprah Winfrey speak about creativity in their latest meditation challenge podcast, and their explanation of creativity hit me on a whole new level:

“Creativity is the root of our biological existence.”

Our bodies – each and every cell – are constantly evolving and responding to brand new conditions. Chopra defines creative living as bringing freshness and renewal to each day, each circumstance. In this light, it’s easy to see that we are all – by our very biology – creative beings and the tired notion of creativity belonging only to artists and writers swiftly abates.

Creativity lives in our divine freedom to choose our response to any given moment.  The ability, however, to bring the freshness and renewal of creativity to each moment is, you guessed it, a practice.

The practices of letting go of comparison, staying present and cultivating your awareness for what’s true for you in this moment (and not what your long-standing, self-limiting stories tell you) nurture your creative life. And it nurtures what you are likely seeking for yourself: to feel alive, to feel worthwhile and to feel so very you as much as possible in your life.

I invite you to rebrand yourself as a creative being, starting today. I mean, you already are a creative being… and now you have the choice to start seeing yourself this way and living your life from this perspective.

What would it be like to approach your job, your marriage, your parenting and your personal growth as a “creative type”. As an artist, even? As someone who walks “bravely and in great happiness”, as so beautifully said by artist Robert Henri?

It is, after all, in your nature – in your very cells – to do it.


The Work Life Lab, Week 11 – Your Arena


Welcome to The Work Life Lab: 52 Weeks of Daring Experiments To Shake Things Up and Learn More About Yourself At Work

Experiment #11 – Your Arena

This week’s Work Life Lab is a reflective one, so get ready to dig deep. Consider this a little like a pre-spring cleaning of your work-soul.

I want you to answer this one simple question: where in your job or career do you really want to show up and be seen this year? 

In the Daring Way™ work that I facilitate, we begin by identifying a part of our life where we know we are holding ourselves back; an area where we know we want to live more fully, bring our whole selves to the table and reap the rewards of being “all in”. This is our Arena. 

The metaphor of the Arena is a poignant one: choosing a part of our life where we really want to show up and be seen usually means that there is considerable risk and exposure, just like it would be to stand there in the centre of the arena floor. Looking up into the stands, you are sure to come across critics, non-believers, and social constructs created to keep you small. It’s not comfortable to walk into that arena. In fact, it takes a great deal of courage and heart to do it. So why do it? Because, in the words of Theodore Roosevelt, “The credit belongs to the man who is actually in the arena…who at best knows in the end the triumph of high achievement, and who at the worst, if he fails, at least fails while daring greatly…”

So, what’s the Arena for you in your work life? Is it speaking up at meetings? Is it your relationship with your boss or co-workers? Is it taking the lead on a project? Is it trying for that next level? Is it landing a new client or account? Is it stretching into an area of work that’s unfamiliar to you? Is it quitting your job to start your own business? Is it trying to stay authentic in a job where your values are constantly jeopardized? Is it setting boundaries so that you can leave at a decent hour every day?

I have a two Arenas in which I’m trying to show up this year. The first is in marketing my business. This is a huge Arena for me, because it’s unfamiliar to me and it means putting myself “out there” in a big way. Deep breath.

The second is this blog, and wanting to bring more of myself into what I write about each week. I want to find that sweet spot where I am sharing more of me in my blog while keeping the content relevant for you, dear reader. So… in sharing my Arenas with you, I have actually taken my first step into this second Arena!

I would love to hear a declaration from you about your work-related Arena. Where do you want to show up, be seen and live more bravely this year? Please share below, on my Facebook Page or by sending me a private email (sabrina@sabrinaguerin.com). Your declaration will be like standing at the Arena door, with your hand on the door, ready to push your way in. It may be scary…but, trust me, it’s also thrilling and totally worth it!