Good Exploring, Little One


I’m well into My Year of Creative Living and, at this point, I’m appreciating (and sometimes begrudging) more and more the crazy, surprising and delightful ride that creativity is taking me on.

For example, what started as a simple goal (Write A Book) back in January spurred me to enrol in an online blogging course in the spring; hire a writing coach in early summer; and, travel 2 1/2 hrs north to Georgian Bay for a five-day writing retreat, from which I’ve just returned.

With all this, I’m definitely still on the path to writing a book, but my “Writing Life” has broken open and here I sit with all these words in me, all these stories to tell, and what seems like not enough time and space to get it all out.

Side note: my two new mantras right now are: “Be Patient And Be Willing To Pass Up Good For Great” and “Progress Is Progress“.

The writing retreat, in particular, cracked me wide open. Something about being in the most beautiful setting imaginable (Georgian Bay, I <heart> you), in two small, quintessentially- Canadian cottages, surrounded by 12 other crazy-freaking-amazing writers has given me a brand new set of lenses through which to see the world.

Everything I look at appears to me as a touching and story-filled photograph now. Words seem delicious and rich enough to eat. On the drive home, I realized that Writing and I are now in a serious, committed relationship (the best kind of relationship too… the one that keeps me both grounded AND sky-bound). Like all good and evolving relationships, I know I’m in for some tumultuous times. But I’m ready for the ride.

One of the most vulnerable stages of the writing process is sharing our work with the world. Good thing I’ve had lots of practice with vulnerability and putting my shit out there! With that in mind, I want to share three things I wrote at the retreat.

The first is a quick ditty, based on the photograph above. And it goes like this:

I want writing to feel just like this little baby who is exploring and looking with fresh eyes at everything around her, with no concept of what being messy even means. This little one has no judgement of herself. And she is loved simply for existing. She follows her heart and her curiosity without any preconceived notions of reward or consequence.

She isn’t scolded for getting dirt on her bottom or tracking mess into the house. Instead she is praised and held and celebrated.

“What a curious little explorer you are,” they say.

“Look at what you uncovered, clever little girl,” they say.

“What have discovered today?” they ask.

With a chuckle and a coo, they brush the dirt and mess off her hands, legs and feet. No harm, no foul.

Good exploring, little one.


The second is a poem I wrote:


precious wind

of sincere love

roots me

and I rise high.


Lastly, a Haiku I wrote:


First bouquet for mom

So proud to be the giver

Promptly thrown in trash


What kind of creativity are you exploring these days? Are you in a serious, committed relationship with painting, sculpting, knitting, wood carving, square dancing, jewellery making, cake decorating, comedy, poetry or some other lovely creative pursuit? If yes, please share it with me here or on my FB Page so I don’t feel so alone in putting my work out into the world! If you’re not ready to share, tell me where you are in your relationship… just starting, deep in the trenches or perhaps just flirting from afar?



8 comments on “Good Exploring, Little One

  1. Andrea

    Wonderful post, Sabrina. Love it all, but your poem and haiku I found particularly touched by.
    My relationship with my Writing is definitely struggling with some trust issues and commitment issues. But we keep working on keeping the communication open!

    1. Sabrina

      Thank you so much, Andrea. So glad to hear you liked the poetry!! I appreciate your trust and commitment issues – haha! Yes, and keep the communication open, as you say. Maybe your Writing is telling you what wants or needs from you 🙂

  2. Joanie

    Sabrina, So great to see you spreading your wings! Looking forward to more of your writing, as I find it so inspiring. xo

    1. Sabrina

      Thanks so much Joanie! It’s been so long since we’ve talked; I hope you are well (and enjoy some creative pursuits of your own, perhaps?) xo

  3. Kerri

    So incredible Sabrina. You are an inspiration- creating, sharing and being beautifully vulnerable. Keep writing, keep sharing. We all need models who are living creatively!

    1. Sabrina

      Thank you so much for these words, Kerri. Your support is just what my creative heart needed to hear! xo

  4. sarah hallett

    Wonderful! So glad you are continuing this journey – and taking us along for the ride 🙂
    You know how I feel about being ‘creative’ however…. I am looking for something to commit to, as you say so well – that roots me and enables me to rise high.
    I am flirting with the idea of knitting or crochet or quilting. I am the world’s worst needlewoman, but I love quilts and their colours. So, we will see, I am in the ‘research’ stage but I know I need something as an escape/antidote/ re-balancing for my soul with the work that I do so I am out hunting. Keep us posted, I am, as always, in admiration and awe

    1. Sabrina

      Sarah! I’m SO excited that you are considering some kind of creative outlet. Yes, your brain/body/spirit NEED that balance. Can’t wait to hear what you settle on… and then to see your creations too! Love!!

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