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Sabrina Guerin

Like many of my clients, I spent years feeling stuck in different areas of my life.

I seemed to be in a cycle of pleasing others, pretending just to feel like I belonged, and trying to be perfect so as to avoid judgment, criticism and disconnection. All very tiring indeed. Deep down, I kept thinking, “I just want to be myself, feel a sense of worthiness and ease in the world, and do things in my life that have meaning, serve others and make me feel truly alive.”

I started, in earnest, a journey of personal and professional development several years ago when I found myself fed up with my work life. I had moved from job to job, trying to find where I fit in the world of work, always ending up feeling empty, stuck and out of place. I made my mind up that loving my job was just as important to me as loving other areas of my life.

I decided to pursue work in a field that had always held interest for me – adult education – and realized that I loved serving others in the context of their learning and personal development. I eventually earned a Masters Certificate in Adult Training and Development from York University’s Schulich School of Business.

Through my work in adult learning and development, I was introduced to the field of coaching. It was around this same time that I first heard about Dr. Brené Brown and her groundbreaking research on shame, fear, vulnerability and wholehearted living.

After working with a coach myself, I realized how much I loved working one-on-one with individuals who are equally passionate about self-discovery and personal development. I decided to become a coach myself, and trained and certified with the Coaches Training Institute. In February 2014, I was part of the second cohort trained and certified in Brené Brown’s new curriculum, The Daring Way™ and experienced first-hand the life-shifting power of this work. I am now a Certified Daring Way™ Facilitator and am passionate about bringing this work to people who are fed up with pleasing, pretending and perfecting and want to  choose vulnerability, authenticity and wholehearted living instead.

Here’s what I know: we are hard-wired to want to live fully in this life, and the only way to get there is by Daring Greatly. This means showing up authentically, actively letting go of thoughts and behaviours that don’t serve you, and practicing courage, connection and compassion every single day. I live this work.

If you recognize yourself in my story – especially if you feel like it’s time to understand your shame, lean into your vulnerability and choose a life of courage, connection and compassion – I encourage you to check out my offerings and to join my mail list for regular doses of inspiration about creating a life you love and have always wanted.


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